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Friday, June 17, 2016

Opposites Attract at Ike's World Challenges blog

I swear, sometimes I wonder how my husband and I figured out we were "made for each other." While there are many things we both like, we are more like "ebony & ivory" in our personalities. For instance, he likes to plan things out in advance, while I can hop in the car at even the suggestion of an adventure. He loves to soak up the sun and sweat, while I take my Girl Scouts winter camping!
But there is the old saying that Opposites Attract, and it must be true, because we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this Fall!
Which brings me to my DT card today for Ike's World Challenges Blog. The theme this fortnight is in fact Opposites Attract, and we have reached the midway point of the challenge. I got to play with two digital images, Sexy Cowgirl and Singer, and I created a Swing card to showcase these images.
If you're as old as I am (bless you), then you might remember the Donny & Marie Show on TV. The opening theme song was with Marie Osmond singing a duet with her brother, Donny Osmond. She would claim she was "a little bit country," while Donny would sing that he was "a little bt rock & roll." That song inspired my Opposites Attract" card today. Above you see the front of my swing card, with some lace and pearls for embellishment. Below, you can see my rock & roll side.
A funny coincidence: My hubby is from a very small country town called Kennett, which is i "bootheel" of Missouri. I am Chicago-born and bred. How did the innocent country boy and the wicked city woman meet up? On the beach at the Santa Cruz Amusement Park in California!!  LOL
Got an interesting Opposites Attract story? I'd love to hear it! And I would love to see you share your crafty creations at Ike's World Challenges Blog this week. Happy crafting!

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