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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Starts Now, Part 4

I have concluded the weight loss trial I participated in. Before I tell you my results, please read my journal entry for Day 7 and my concluding remarks:

Day 7 journal entry:

Last day of the trial-no more pounds lost but 6 in a week is amazing! Add to that the fact that I am not "starving" nor am I buying special (expensive) groceries for this trial, AND that I started exercising and my body is happier with me. I even got several compliments from people at the reception desk where I work on Fridays, telling me I look great, and whatever it is
This week was a total win. Today is my last day on the trial, but not my last day toward better health and losing weight. I am well into my path of improvement..."

Concluding Remarks:
The week flew by so fast. I am so happy I participated in this trial. I am over-the-top happy with the results. 
Final Weigh-in:  Eight pounds in seven days!
I also had my daughter measure me again: 12.5 inches lost overall!

As much as I approve and certify and really like the weight loss plan, I can't stress enough the power of exercise when paired with any healthy eating plan. I know I would not have lost as much weight (and especially inches) if not for lowering my food intake with that delicious soup while increasing the amount of body movements and stretching.

I am using this trial as my kick-off point as I mentioned earlier. My family will continue to enjoy the recipes sent me while I continue to enjoy healthier portions and a smarter pairing of different types of food (sorry to be so general, but the trial conditions cannot be shared...yet).

This is not the end (well, it is of the trial) but a beginning. It is my first few steps down the path of healthier living, physical and emotional strength, and new goals. My mantra now is "I am beginning to measure my success in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles." 
I will keep you informed of my progress in the future, or at least a final update around Christmas, which, as you might remember, is part of my weight loss goal - to lose a pound a week until Christmas. That will be my Christmas present to myself. Now to continue to "save up" for my present! LOL 

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ike said...

AWESOME !!!! Congrats ..... GO.. Pat... GO .... :-D :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx