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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Starts NOW, Part 2

Starting my 5th day on the weight loss trial and I have lost 5 pounds. That's 1 pound a day! My goal is to ultimately lose a pound a week up until Christmas, so that I would weigh in at about 40 pounds lighter. Here are more journal entries for the past two days:

Day 3 Journal entry:
This morning I weighed in at another pound lost! Yay, me! One pound is meaningless by itself, but if I lost 1 pound every week, by Christmas I would have lost about 40 pounds. That would put me on cloud 9. If you add in the 3 pounds lost the first day, that's 4 pounds in two days!

Yesterday I managed 18 minutes on the bike in two separate times. 
The food I prepared was delicious kept me full, and my water intake is at least 8 glasses of water each day.
Today I don't know what to expect. Allergies have left me with a pounding headache-not enough to call off work, but enough to twist whatever plans I had to bike and exercise today. Whatever happens, my goal is to change my eating and exercising habits not just to lose weight but to live better and longer. So bring it on...

Day 4 of my healthy journey Journal entry

Well, I can't say I wasn't surprised that I didn't lose any more weight when I got on the scale this morning. I was so miserable from the allergy attack that I spend most of the day in bed. So though I followed the diet plan, I didn't exercise like I usually do. So good news is that I still ate healthy, bad news is I didn't lose anything today. Tomorrow's another day, and four pounds in three days is still awesome sauce!
Now, if you factor in that I am taking the stairs without pulling on the handrail to get me up, I think I'm making fabulous headway. I feel better physically, so I'm headed for the bike. Got to get my workout in before I head to work, as it's a late day for me, and I'll be too  tired to put in time for exercising afterwards.


ike said...

FABulous - sorry about the allergies but you are doing so well. Slow but sure and getting there !!! :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ike said...

Oh yeah...... Is the headache from allergies or is it maybe from De-Toxing ???? !!! Just a thought :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx