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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brian and Sonal and Baby Makes Three

I made my first "dresser card" for my cousin's son and DIL's baby shower.  I stayed up until midnight the day before the party to finish it and package up the present I was giving them a photo of (ordered online and shipping directly to their house).  Then I get the call to go to work--wah!!
So I'll be mailing it all to them instead of seeing them, which is a bummer but can't be helped.  The card was fairly easy to make, just a side step card with extra pieces of paper for the drawers and a punched bottom to give it that "dresser" look.  I made a quick run to Hobby Lobby to get some tiny baby embellishments, but the rest was easily at hand because I am a paperholic and a hoarder of craft supplies.
The sentiment was stamped with a CTMH stamps set, and the embellies are a combo of buttons and stickers.
This is the oh-so-cute baby gift I ordered for them.  It's a hot pink flower of a bath tub, made of plush, machine washable and dry-able material that mold to any sized sink or fits in the bath tub for babies 0-6 months old.  I added some hot pink wash rags to the order.  Can you tell what gender the baby will be???

The baby bath comes in four colors and can be found HERE.  I'm sire I should have ordered the generic Yellow one, as I'm also sure they'll have more than one child, but that Hot Pink is so darn cute and VIVID and their first is a baby GIRl, so I couldn't resist going full hog on the Pink part. LOL

But it wouldn't arrive by the day of the party, so I printed up this photo and made a lovely presentation folder to give to Brian and Sonal, which is the next photo.  Now since I can't go to the party, I bubble-wrapped the card and folder and am sending it out tomorrow.

I covered an over-sized envelope with patterned paper and leftover embellies from the dresser card.
Lots of fun, lots of time, lots of love, but, sigh, no party for me!

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