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Monday, November 11, 2013

Big Fat Thank You's!

You know that exercise where, if you’re feeling sad, name five things you’re thankful for? I fail that exercise every time.  I always run out of paper!
I start with those major things in my life, like, well, life and health, family and friends. Then it spreads to things like a home, heat in the winter, running water, a job, a car to take me there. Pretty soon I’m going on about that bit of sunshine on an overcast day, a choice parking spot at the grocery store, a fabulous find in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, and even purple nail polish, for goodness sake!
Once I start I can’t stop, because no matter what worries are weighing me down, I have so much to lift me up. No matter what things I wish I owned, I have so much that others don’t. No matter how many times I close my eyes in weariness, I can still look all around and rejoice that I have eyes to see, ears to listen, and a heart that sings with thankfulness for that which surrounds me!
For the next few weeks, you'll see more than the average number of posts here, as I celebrate all the lovely things and people in my life and offer up my thanks for being so lucky!

Today I am thankful for my new daughter-in-law. Who would have thought that my son would find the perfect wife?!  She loves him madly, has supported him in his military career, has welcomed his daughter into her family of four children as if she were born to her naturally, and miracle of miracles, is a crafter and scrapbooker!!
I couldn't have done better if I had gone hunting for a wife for my son on my own!  LOL
Last weekend we spent some quality time together at a crop, and we worked on pages of her and my son's weddings.  Yes, I said weddings, as they got married twice, once last year with a small civil ceremony and then a reception at my house (Chase thought he was deploying).  When the deployment fell through, they went full throttle and had the wedding she always wanted, with the church, gown, bridesmaids, limo and hall.
I managed to scrap ten glorious pages, have a lot of laughs, ate delicious food and wonderful snacks, didn't win any raffle prizes, AND am finished with their first awesome wedding.  Above is the cover page that starts my layout.

Got something to be thankful about?  Want to celebrate the fact, or make a project that reflects your gratitude?  Play in the Path of Positivity Challenge Blog with this month's theme of Thankfulness and you could be a winner of some awesome prizes.  Go check out all the wonderful projects and posts as women  put a positive spin on the daily events of their lives.


Donna Ellis said...

What a delightful LO, and wonderful comment about your DIL. It's refreshing to see families like yours, Pat. Loving Gratitude exemplified! Perfect for the PoP challenge, too. I hope I get around to it this month! Thank you for sharing about your life and family. hugs, de

Melissa said...

I enjoyed reading your post on your DIL. It is truly a blessing. The layout is gorgeous!

Desire Fourie said...

A beautiful layout with a fabulous couple as well. Yes indeed there are so many things we sometimes take for granted. This is so perfect for our THANKFULNESS theme this month. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and good luck.
{Path of Positivity DT Member}
{Doing Life – my personal blog}