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Sunday, August 4, 2013


For the longest time, I stayed away from acrylic paints.  I was more than happy with making cards and scrapbooking memories, stamping and coloring and stickering, etc.  But after seeing some amazing canvas, mixed media and art journaling, I really wanted to stretch my wings and, well, not fly, but certainly paint!

I took to it like a duck does to water--well, not really, it has been a challenge, but I am liking the things I do now, including what I'm showing you today.  I finally have a chance to show off the last canvas I created.  I made it for my baby's graduation--from high school!
After covering the canvas with paint and some tie-dye designer napkins, I printed some monogram letters from the internet to spell out the word BELIEVE.  I adhered some of those letters to squares of foam board for a little dimension, and colored, embellished and/or distressed each letter before attaching them to my canvas.

Then the fun began.  I wanted a quote that was a personal message from me to her, and found part of one in a poem.  I painted that quote, as well as painting/writing special, tiny messages from each letter.
Like for the letter B I wrote "Be confident" and "Be calm."  And for the letter E I wrote "Enjoy life."

After the personal messages, I focused on the embellishments.  She likes tea and flowers, loves music and uses her time creatively.  Once all the little pieces were attached, it all kind of came together.

I gave it to her after her graduation ceremony, and it's been hanging on her bedroom wall ever since.  I think she likes it!

You never know what you can accomplish unless you try.  You might just discover a passion for something, or at the very least a new hobby!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go have some fun and craft!!

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Holly Young said...

wow - this is amazing Pat! I just love it!