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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wedding Plans - Star Fish Boutonnieres

I have been working on groomsmen's boutonnieres for my son's wedding next month.  The theme is tropical, and the bride, her mom and I have been working together to give all aspects of the celebrations that tropical touch.  We went online and found some made with starfish, and I opened my big mouth and said, "I can do that!"

So now I have the ultimate task of turning highly fragile starfish into something worthy to pin onto tuxedos.  Here's where I started:

After carefully handling four starfish, and quickly breaking off a point on each, i thought to use Mod Podge to  "toughen" them up.  While they were drying, they actually felt spongy (as if they were coming back to life on my craft table).  Yikes!!

When hubby proposed we go out to dinner, I gladly left my project to properly dry.  When I came home, they were somewhat stiffer.  So I added some Diamond Stickle on each to make them sparkly (and hopefully make them even more "tough").

After several attempts at putting together a decent-looking piece, the bride and I finally agreed on a final draft.  And here it is:
So this week I am focusing on finishing off a clean dozen of these little guys.  I'm using hot glue to adhere a pinback onto each, with which to attach them to lapels.  There aren't that many guys in the wedding party, but you never know if one of these manly men will be too rough on his and break it.  So I plan to have back ups!!  LOL

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nwilliams6 said...

These are wonderful - love the Stickles! Hope it all goes well and super smart to bring more of them just in case! Hugz!