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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snag of the Week

I love finding deals--especially when they end up being free!  I found a pillow in the giveaway bin at school, a pillow that no one could possibly use comfortably.  But the reason for the discomfort was the reason I rescued it--it was covered with fabric-covered buttons!!
I snipped them all off, stripped off the pillow cover, and was able to save the pillow form as well.  And here is my haul!!
I can see tons of beautiful cards using these colorful embellishments, and all it took was a little time on my part, removing them from that uncomfortable pillow.  So, what is your best "snag" of the week?  Doesn't have to be free if you feel you scored!!
Whatever turns you on, keep crafting!

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Holly said...

wow Pat, well done!