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Monday, March 12, 2012

Slowly but Surely... stash of leftover papers is dwindling.  Well, maybe dwindling is too strong a word.  Depleting? No, decreasing?  Well, it IS decreasing, but I still have five metal file cabinet drawers of leftovers to "deplete, decrease and dwindle down.  But a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one!

So I stepped onto the path of recycling by using leftover papers for my new Squigglefly card.  The image is brand spanking new, called "Tween" by artist Fawn Palmer.

I remember when my own daughter was at this stage of womanhood. Her arms were long and gangly, she seemed to trip over the flowers in the rug, and the tug between her childhood toys and her grownup ideas were at war.

She has grown into her maturity very well, I would say.  I would be proud to be her friend, if given that chance lter in life.  I hope it is offered.

Meanwhile, my card follows this week's Squigglefly Challenge rules, which is to make a card from a RECIPE.  Recipe challenges ask for specific elements on your card or project.  This week players are asked to make a card using PATTERNED PAPER, a CLIP and a FLOWER.  The clip seems to be a little camera shy, as it is hiding behind a bit of fluffy fiber.  My flower is the last of a package of Iron-On flowers I found in the clearance bin for 25 cents.  My patterned paper came from the deep dark depths of my file cabinet.

Tween digi image comes with great sentiments.  AS you can see on my card, I printed the sentiment Happy Birhtday".  On the inside of the card, the rest of the sentiment can be read, "To the Most Beautiful 'tween
I Have Ever Seen!"  Tweens, especially girls, need a lot of boosting of their self-image. Everything seems to be falling apart at this time - friendships, crushes, schoolwork, parents "understanding" what she's about, her body (ewww, you mean I have to do that every month??!).  It's difficult to make the transition from child to teen, so a little help every now and then (or more often) goes a long way!

I'll step off my soapbox now, and invite you to join us at Squigglefly for this week's challenge!  And as always, crafters, keep on crafting!!


Tammy said...

Cute card and perfect for a young girl! Love the colors.

Shawna said...

Such a cute card Pat. Love that flower!!

Melissa said...

Cute card!

Holly said...

Really sweet card Pat. I love your flower! I'm sure your daughter will love having you as a friend the rest of her life!

Kathy Bradley said...

Adorable card and what an awesome flower - wonderful card!

Charlene Mitchell said...

Love your colours - this has the perfect feel of a card for a 'tween'. Fabulous job with the challenge!