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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Mojo Inspired by Queen Kat Designs

My Halloween mojo is really cranking out some projects!  Today I’m making Halloween candles for party decorations using images from Queen Kat Design's Witch Sisters stamp set by Marlon T...

Which reminds me of the time when Kitty and Batty were just learning their spells and almost set the whole town on fire.  Kitty and Batty (my names for them) are stamps from the Queen Kat Designs October release stamp set called Witch Sisters by Marlon T. 
Well, Kitty was reading spells out of the big book left to them by their great, great grandmother.  Batty was only half listening, as she had her eye on the last chocolate chip cookie on the plate.  Did I mention Batty loved chocolate chip cookies?
Suddenly, Kitty snapped the book with a bang and jumped from her perch on the arm of the couch.  “Let’s try it!” she exclaimed.  Batty didn’t want to appear inattentive (again) so she jumped up with her sister and agreed, to what she had no idea!
Kitty set about gathering up leaves and cinnamon and ashes from the fireplace while Batty pulled out the battered cauldron from under the stairs and took it outside.  Kitty filled it with the materials she had gathered, held Batty’s hands in hers and whispered to her that it was time to close their eyes and recite the words to the spell.
Since Batty had been accused many times of not paying attention, she just closed her eyes and whispered words that she thought sounded “magical” and that rhymed rather nicely.
When a wave of heat blasted her in the face, she opened her eyes to see a jet of fire pouring out of the cauldron!
Kitty was running around the fire, exclaiming that this was NOT supposed to be so large and waving her arms about in a helpless fashion.  So Batty did the only thing she could think of to help---she kicked the cauldron over and…
It started to roll down the front yard and into the street and straight down toward town (cauldrons are a bit rounded on their bottoms, you know).
Well, that shook Kitty right out of her useless circling.  She hopped onto her broom and flew straight up to the sky.  Meanwhile, poor Batty had gone running after the cauldron in hopes of catching it.  Just before it bounced into the vicar’s fence, the cauldron caught a draft (steered along by Kitty and a helpful cloud) and veered right into the town well, where the fire was drowned in a hiss of steam and slightly orange smoke.
No one but the vicar saw the cauldron nearly miss his fence and steam up at the well, and he never alluded to it (and who would believe him?), but from that day forward he always kept an eye out for the two Witch Sisters.

Oops, I got sidetracked there, back to my Halloween candles.  I stamped and colored my images onto mulberry paper (tissue paper works just as well, just has less dimension).  I used both witch sisters and three different sentiments, and each candle will be either green, orange or purple.  I tore my mulberry paper to fit the pillar candles I bought and then cut a piece of wax paper the size of the candle.  I placed first my paper on the candle, then the wax paper over it.  Holding it tightly to the candle, I used my heat gun to heat up  the wax and seal the paper onto the candle.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but when finished, the candle looks like the paper and image are beneath the wax.  To finish off the candle, I added adhesive-backed beads to the bottom.  I’m making about a dozen of these to help set a festive table come the Halloween party.

The Witch Sisters stamp set by Marlon T comes with a variety various bewitching sentiments like the ones I used on today’s project.  They are a great addition to all crafters who like to stamp some fun this Halloween, and can be found HERE.

Don't forget the 5th birthday celebration over at QKD on Facebook.  Lots of surprises and fun for all!  Click HERE to RSVP.

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