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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Child of God

Last Sunday, my granddaughter was Baptized.  I am very happy, as she is 4 years old this week.  My daughter is her godmother, and she is thrilled to be able to guide her in her spiritual and faith life.  The celebration is at the same parish at which she attends preschool, so her class will celebrate in school as well.  The service and party afterword were wonderful!  Even my 100 year old Grandma was there yo celebrate with us!

I crafted a few things for the event, including the invitations on the right.  I decided to make it one sheet with no folds.  Directions and maps were printed on the backs of the invitations.  I used one of my corner punches and matted it against black cardstock before adhering it to my cardstock base.  Each invitation had some kind of embellishment, be it a cross or a flower.

I also volunteered to make the favors for each of the guests. 
I had snagged some boxes at a local dollar store that were on clearance--4 packages for $1--that's 24 boxes for a buck!!  I attached flowers and a religious chain onto each and filled them with chocolates.  One of the perks of working at a Catholic Church is knowing a pastor who receives hundreds of religious items in the mail throughout the years.  He gave me a large bag, chock full of chains and rosaries and medals, and I was able to pick out enough to attach to each box.

Since her birthday was also on Monday, the party was a combo, so I also added a few boxes of Scooby Doo stickers for the kids, but I expect all the white boxes to be taken.

So after Gram told me she was coming, she also mentioned she needed a card for her great, great, granddaughter.  I promised her I would make her one, and this is what I came up with.

Of course, I had already made my Gram a birthday card for her, and so I also had to create a birthday card for us to give her as well as our own Christening card.

My weekend was super busy, with crafting and housework and guests and shopping, besides having my Bella overnight with us from Friday on!!  Luckily, Monday is a school holiday, and since I work in a school...

I hope your weekend was filled with family and creativity as well!

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