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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Love of my Life

What a great weekend! I spent yesterday with my sister at Great America. It was her company event and she invited me to be her companion. So we got two free tickets, parking was free, lunch was free, refreshments were free all day in the picnic grove, AND we each received ten dollars to spend! And a friend's sonwon us each a HUGE stuffie (which of course is going to Bella). I'm as red as a lobster, but not in pain.
TODAY the family gave hubby some great gifts for father's Day. He really wanted a nice desk chair, which we picked up for him, along with what WE wanted to give him: a lounge chair, the last installment of the Frankenstein book series by Dean Koontz, a spray bottle of sunscreen and a case of Corona!!
He loves it ALL! Mission completed for 2011!! And I'm sdoing the grilling, BBQ pork chops with poatato and onion packets and devilled eggs and salad. Yum!!
What a fantastic weekend! Hope you all have the same, in your own way!

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