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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scrapbook Place First Ever Blog hop is ON

“Welcome to the first Scrapbook Place Blog Hop! If you arrived here from Linda’s blog, you are on the right track ~ if you just happened on my blog, please head back to Lindsy’s blog, ,which is the first stop on our hop.”
Now to my special Birthday Hop Project. This special Birthday Treat Package was introduced to me by my special friend, Sandi Dufern, one of the craftiest crafters I know, and a good soul to boot. Not only did she show me the many different ways I could use a simple four-pack carton of Starbucks Frappe bottles, but brought in boxes of washed bottles to start me on my frenzied way. And the bonus is drinking these delish drinks before washing and stripping the labels off the empties--yum!

Once your bottles are dry, you can cover the carton with patterned papers of your choice. I reinforced the bottom with extra cardboard before covering so that the heavier treats that go into the bottles are supported.
Embellish to your heart's content, both the carton and each bottle. Make sure the embellishments on the bottles don't get in the way of pulling them out of the carton.
While I loved to embellish my Treat Package for my sister's birthday, the best part was filling each bottle with her fave treats (you know a whole bag of Hershey's Kisses won't fit into the bottle so...)
These bottles make wonderful gifts for a teacher, filled with paper clips, stickers, and treats; for a school nurse, with bandaids and alcohol wipes, etc; for your favorite handyman, filled with nails, screws, washers and such. The list is endless on how you can fill these bottles and to whom you can gift them!
Just don't drink too many frappes in one sitting!!
Now on with the hopping. Before jumping to Annette's blog
, don't forget to leave a comment here! Somewhere in your journey, one lucky person who leaves a comment on each blog will win some blog candy! Good luck and happy hopping!


Anonymous said...

GOOD Morning!
OMG That is such a CUTE idea!!
Do you know how many of those my son drank and pitched before he left home?!?!?
Can you see me kicking myself now??? LOL
WHat a GREAT idea!!
Thanks so much for sharing it!!

A little bit about me and my life... said...

Now that is a great idea .. I dont' drink any cold coffee drink but I know a lot of ppl at work who do .. I guess it's time to post a looking for list at work! Thanks for the great idea! Annette

Pat said...

Well, at least I got the blog addresses on my post now (sigh).

Allie Gower said...

how green
how cute

Verna' Grant said...

Pat, I love this birthday goodie! I am going to have to try this soon!!

Lindsy said...

This is SO fun! And would TOTALLY be a great idea for teachers! =) LOVE IT!

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

Too cute know that makes me wanna have some nuts!!


Linda W. said...

Beautiful idea for gifts Pat! I love your embellishing! As well as the backgrd. music!

ladyj said...

Oh my--now I'm gonna have to buy some just to get the bottles--LOL Great idea, thanks for sharing

Donna Clark said...

Love it going to have to get my brother to save me his!! great gift !

Anna said...

I love this project! What a fabulous example of recycling, and in my favorite colors! I'm going to have to borrow this idea for teacher appreciation day at my daughter's school.

Melisa Marie McConnell said...

Hi Pat! I love this idea. I've only ever done it once, and sadly, I did not take pictures of it. :( I did not have a camera at the time because my sister in law was using it on her trip. I tried to use my "webcam" to take the pic, but it turned out awful!

Anyhow, great idea, and thank you for sharing all the extra ideas of what they can be used for once embellied.

~Melisa Marie

scrappindianeh said...

WOW!!! First thing I thought when I saw this. I'm definately going to try this out. Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

I have two sets of those drinks that I saved after my hubby drank them. Now I know what to make!!

Thanks for the inspiration.