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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Remember Where you put your Recipe Clippings?

My boss thinks I am a magician with paper. She brought into work a Recipe Clippings Organizer Book that she had purchased from Current years ago. It is one of her favorite things to have on hand when she has time to flip through mags for recipes and such. She wanted a sturdier one, and thought that if anyone she knew could make one, it was me.
So I accepted her challenge, and made a prototype of the book. Above is pictured the cover. There are twelve pages altogether to stash recipes inside the pockets. The last page can be used to list favorites.
I think all of us have recipes torn out of magazines and filed...well, somewhere, to try at a later date. This book is cool, and I had fun making it. The secret? Use file folders! My boss liked the prototype so much, she gave me all her double-sided, designer folders to make books for herself, her daughters, her mom, as well as me and another co-worker!
The project uses 7 file folders altogether, with approx. the top 3 inches cut off. Then it's a matter of folding up the pockets and folding the folder to make a two-sided page. Six of those, bound between another file folder cut in half and used for the covers, and you have a nifty organizer for your clippings!
Gotta love it!!

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