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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soccer Mom

My son is 24 years old. He was NOT into sports in high school. He barely finished out the year in Color Guard (and only did it for the contacts with girls).
My daughter is 14 and a Freshman in high school now. She was on a steady Fine Arts path until the Soccer bug hit her and hit her hard. She had never played team soccer before the tryouts for freshman girls two weeks ago. But she trained and conditioned with a select few who knew what the coachers expected. And she surprised me (I'm ashamed to say) by making the cut.
Her first game was today, and although I had to work, hubby and son drove an hour out to watch her play in her away game. Here she is driving the ball. She did not make any personal goals, but her team won their first match 3-1.
Her next game is at home, on Thursday. I am NOT working during that time, and I will be there come sunshine or rain, because...
I am now a Soccer Mom. And proud of it!

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Verna' Grant said...

Great picture of her driving! Being a Soccer Mom is great-I use to be one-til the Football bug hit my son-now I have to be a Football Mom!