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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Scrapping Space

So in order to qualify for blog candy on LuckyBug Creations blog (see link on right), I took these pics of my scrapping space. Here is the table at which I create. It gives a false sense of organization. Little does the viewer realize that I swept all the clutter behind me and out of the camera's frame. It's called Staging, I learned this from HGTV's The Stagers program, all about staging a home to sell. Very interesting, and as you can tell here, very successful.

This is my thrifty rummage sale find. $50 not only bought me this large cumbersome but very roomy piece, but three husky fellas to cart it over to my house and place it in the perfect spot in my scrap room. Don't let the crooked handles distract you from the very organized look of this furniture. Did I mention it was on wheels? A bonus, as I can move it out from the wall if I lose something behind it or if I wanted to capture dust bunnies with my vacuum. (By now they have formed their own warrens)
Now that I have finished all my Christmas cards, and brought my Christmas boxes down from the attic, I found the SIX BOXES OF CHRISTMAS CARDS I PURCHASED LAST YEAR AFTER CHRISTMAS. They were so cute I figured I couldn't make them cheaper or cuter. Each box is of a different design and when the card opens, the inside decorations either pop up or hang by tiny threads and makes the whole effect 3D. So now they are parked in my file drawer, where I will be opening the drawers all year long and re-discovering them (frequently). In sight, in mind, for next year!

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Chrissy D said...

Ohhh that is soooo clean and a great work space! I clean my area and immediately mess it up! TFS!