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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Carving Out Time to Create

The New Year has really brought about big changes in my life. My time is now centered around family, especially my mom. I am also paying attention to my own health and well-being, incorporating doctor visits for the both of us, errands, and more time spent together. And of course, with all this comes a major overhaul in my plans for the year ahead.

After inheriting 2 carloads of crafting supplies, I decided that less is more. My house isn't made of elastic and no matter where I stash my stuff, it takes more time looking for it than working with it. But I can't get rid of the best remedy for stress, my crafting, so I have made a mission statement for this year that incorporates all the changes I have gone through and that I need to make.

The biggest goal in my mission statement is to maintain BALANCE in my life. No one thing should overtake any other thing. For instance, I am in the midst of major de-cluttering. My craft room is becoming a guest bedroom, and my basement needs to be more than a storage place for all my craft supplies. The work I've already put in and still need to put in must be balanced with my daily workout, my obligations to my mom, my daughter and my dog, my appointments, my friendships, and my need to relax, meditate, and create

Which leads me to my newest artwork. I call this Create Your Own Universe, for which I created a fluid acrylic paint base. I added sea glass to recreate the formation of a new planet, and heightened the look of a "galaxy" with charms, jewels and beads.

P.S. (That inheritance I mentioned? After sorting, I ended up with 8 bags donated to a local school, 6 bags donated to a local thrift shop, 2 garbage/recycling bags full of junk, and a tidy amount of  items I could use myself.)

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