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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Thank You Fairy Much

One of my favorite designers hosts a Progressive Freebie Challenge on Facebook. This month is the second challenge, so in order to start receiving your free digital images, if you haven't already, you'll need to buy April's image from Ike's Art Store, and it's ONLY $1!
I was worried because my printer is on the fritz. I just may have to put him out to pasture, and I am not happy about it. Meanwhile, I can't print out my images to color and craft with, so I am resorting to digital and hybrid cards. The card above is a hybrid. It mixes a watercolor I painted of a toadstool I came across while walking through the woods, with this digitally-colored fairy. Since I can't print out my card to embellish it, I resorted to digital elements to finish off my card.
The nice thing about my hybrid card is that once I get my printer working (or replace him), I can print out several copies of my card, so I'll have a nice little stash of Thank You cards on hand.
Here is what went into my card:
Original watercolor by Pat Martin
Ike's Art Cute Fairy Digital Image
Pixel Scrappers:  A Janner's Leather Strap 003; Janet Scott's Tag Template 002; Sheila Reid's Shine Teal & Gold Butterfly; Tina Shaw's Puffy Paint Tiny Butterflies Scatter, and MLD's Hollister String.
Font: LD Handwritten Greetings


ike said...

That is really fabulous - I love the Autumn colours. Sorry to hear about your printer.... give it a good thrashing... but thank goodness for digital scrapbooking/work etc eh ? Dragged me out of a hole before :-) Your digi work is amazing. Thank you for playing along at my Progressive Challenge.

IKE xxxxx

Nan Bourdeu said...

Really love how you painted your background! I know how it is when the printer or something goes wrong but your merging of digital and handmade is simply awesome! xx