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Monday, October 2, 2017

Surround Yourself with Literature at the Path of Positivity

This month at the Path of Positivity challenge blog, we continue with the second challenge in a series of three, based on the concept of Surrounding Yourself with Positivity in the form of the Arts In September crafters were given the optional challenge to surround themselves with Art(work). This month the optional challenge series continues with the concept of Literature
Like art, there are many different types of literature. Stories, books, magazines, leaflets, etc. When you are heading to the library, the book store, or trolling through the Kindle store, are you off to find poetry, romance, self-help, history, biographies, hobby or instructions? 
A great piece of writing has a way of pulling us into another world and creating adventures beyond what we might imagine on our own.  Sometimes it is exciting to escape to another country, time, world, or life. Other times, good writing can teach us about other cultures and acceptance. It’s always beneficial to read about improving our skills or expanding what we know. Many times these literary journeys will inspire us to make changes in our day to day living. 
Whenever I become absorbed in a book, the real world no longer exists for me. I can wander wherever the book takes me, whether halfway across the globe or to mystical realms that can only be imagined...or in today's case, to a hidden refuge with a view of the sea.

 I was inspired to create a set of note cards using a digi image from Sparkle n Sprinkle called "Silhouettes".  While one image from the set has its own background, my other cards feature my own photography in the background, each with different sentiments. Framed in coordinating  cardstock, the flowers in my silhouettes are sporting shimmery black jewels.
Sparkle n Sprinkle is the exclusive guest sponsor this month at the Path of Positivity challenge blog. They are offering a $15 gift certificate in a random draw for one lucky crafter, as long as the project is positive, inspirational, motivational or encouraging in some nature. 
If you would also like a chance to win the prize for the Most Inspirational Creation, you must follow the optional theme and share how you were inspired by literature. Be sure to add FT after your name when you link up at The Path of Positivity Challenge Blog so that you are included in the draw for a $15 gift certificate from Sparkle n Sprinkle for the project chosen as Most Inspiring.
Good luck and happy crafting!

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Katrina Brown said...

These notecards are gorgeous! Love the backgrounds; they do take me away to different places....just like a good book! Well done!