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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lest We Forget...

The new challenge at Ike's World Challenge blog is Remembrance/Military Tribute. Did I ever mention I served in the US Army? It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (the mid-70's). I wanted to do something different, go places. learn skills I'd never learn at home, see the world. So, instead of heading off for college (which neither I nor my parents could afford) or finding a secretarial job, I up and joined the Army.
While serving my three year stint, I flew in an airplane for the first time, learned a trade, lived in California, and got to spend some time in Europe. I also met and married my husband of 40 years. While not involved in any wars or conflicts at that time, the government could choose to send me, my husband, and every other serviceman and woman anywhere they chose. We were ready to defend our country if needed.
Times have changed - while I may have been the first female mechanic to work on vehicles at my post, the VA hospital today has a whole wing for Women's Health. Nowadays both hubby and I rely on the Veteran's Administration for our medical needs. I see a lot of veterans from World War II through the most recent injuries in the Mideast. I feel very privileged to be among these true heroes of freedom.
So today I created a card to celebrate the differences made by women willing to put themselves out there as soldiers. Often people forget that there are female veterans as well as men. I just read a post on Facebook of a woman veteran who parked in a parking space reserved for veterans and got yelled at for parking there. Just like some disabilities are not obvious, not all veterans are male.
I am leaving my card in the lobby waiting room for any and all veterans. I want to show them how proud I am to be counted among them.
Image used: Ike's Art Army Female

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ike said...

This is fabulous. It was great to learn that you were in the Army and I hope that all the female Vets will appreciate your wonderful creative piece. I am sure that most people do not think of our lady troops either !
Thank you for making this for me at IWC. :-)

IKE xxx

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