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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diving Into Water(colors)

I resolved to try new techniques this year, and have started experimenting with watercolors.  While a lot of my pages were, um, blah, I recently colored one up that I thought might have possibilities.
After it dried, I used a 4x6 photo frame and moved it around the page, looking for inspiration.  I found two parts of the page that had potential.

Watercolors never interested me, as there is very little control over what the paint and water will do on the page! I never knew how much of a control freak I am when it comes to art.  But I am on a personal artistic journey and am learning to let go, learn, experience and have fun.

So far, all I've spent on this new hobby is a couple dollars on a WalMart paint set, but I had to buy some good watercolor paper.  It's a cheap way to pull your Picasso or Monet persona out of your soul and onto the page.

Here's the second scene I discovered within my water-colored mess.

Again, the way the paint clumped, flowed, and merged made me think of a landscape. I love this quote, because it also applies to art. I had so much fun with these two landscapes that I created an art journal specifically for water colors and quotes.  I'm hoping to find more than landscapes in my artwork, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Whatever your passion, wherever your curiosity and courage take you in your artistic endeavors, remember to have fun doing what you love!

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Holly Young said...

Pat, I am amazed at your watercoloring. It looks like you've been doing it for years. Good for you on trying new techniques and stretching your creativity to new levels. I just love what you've done.