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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hug A Veteran Today

I met and married my husband of 34 years while serving in the Army at Ft. Ord, CA, 54th MP Co. Now my son is in Basic Training, also going into the Army, but Reserves, and as an MP.Throughout our own and our son's experiences in the service, we have met some of the finest people, volunteers who defend our country and ...the freedom of people around the world. Every day I am thankful for the liberties we have in this country. Today I am doubly thankful to all our military comrades. Hoo-ah!!!

Post a comment and your name will be sent to a random generator and the winner will receive Blog Candy from me. Although your gratitude to veterans and those currently serving is ongoing, this contest ends tonight at midnight. Don't forget to post your email so I can contact you, besides posting the winner here tomorrow!


ladyj said...

my thanks to you and hubby Pat and also go our to all of the military so we can live in freedom in our great country--my father and uncle servered in the Army, my brother was in Marines, my son was in the Navy and my sons BIL is in the Air Force We pretty much covered it all. LOL Juanita

Lindsy said...

Thank you to you Pat and your DH. We also have many members of our family in the military, both active and retired ~ something of which I am VERY proud of! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! To you and all of the veterans and service people!
Both of my grandfathers, my FIL, my dad and numerous others have served their country in the armed forces!
My nephew signed up 9/12/01 and served for 6 years doing two tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan, where he met his wife who is still enlisted and planning to retire from the Army!
Both of my sons Best friends are in the service as well, and I pray for our soldiers every day!
I try to do my part in making sure my children grow up knowing WHY we are so blessed and taught to show respect for our military, veterans, and the Flag!
God Bless you all!!

The Paper Princess said...

Congrats Pat! Most of my family has served in the military at some point in time. This is a very important day for sure!