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Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Collage Page

I just received a book about making collage pages and all the different techniques you can use to make all or parts of a page. I'm still not done going through thebook. I found myself with a little time, had the makings of a layout all bagged, and decided to try my hand.
It's much neater and cleaner than the pages I saw in the book. I'm still wrapping my brain around the blast of color, media and texture on each page pictured in the book, but I like what I've made. Just wished I'd had a better grasp of the title. I put a small journaling box behind the larger photo, so as not to lose my thought about my granddaughter and her new teeth that month.


Carol L said...

I like it but is there a tag or something that lets you pull out the journaling? I can't see it.

Teresa said... the way you pulled away the center of the circle to reveal the photo, great technique! And I like how you used lots of different alphas. hugs,T