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Saturday, February 7, 2009

One More Card Before I call It a Night

I was challenged to make a Valentine's Day card with layers, colors, sentiment, hearts, the whole nine yards. Here it is, and I like it. Cupcakes are very trendy, and I love these three little guys, lined up and framed as art. I used all my scraps to create this card, including scraps from today's earlier work (see below). I colored two of each of the end cupcakes and mounted them on top of the base image, using Liquid Glass to pop them even more. I also stacked another layer of the outer framework of the "art piece" on top of itself (!?). The cupcakes look yummy--I think I'm going to have to make some real cupcakes tomorrow, getting a craving for them what with this card and the bunny cards below LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Very Yummy! I love the bright colors you chose & the high gloss to the frosting. Glad you liked the images.